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November 20-21, 2014

Attendee Benefits

North American LNG Exports 2014 will present market trends, opportunities and challenges for LNG export developers from Alaska to Mexico, including import terminal expansions (e.g., Freeport and Trunkline) and greenfield projects (e.g., Prince Rupert and Alaska LNG), as well as onshore (Oregon LNG), nearshore (Plaquemine) and offshore (Port Lavaca) terminals using carriers ranging from QMAX to ISO containers. 

Participants will learn of new details on 12 projects aiming to serve Asian LNG markets, European LNG markets, and American motor fuel markets from smaller docks and bunker barges.

Participants will hear new details of North America's competitiveness in world LNG markets and likely competitor responses to greater American supplies.

Other issues to be addressed are

  1. How many and which LNG export terminals will proceed?

  2. What ultimately will govern American export investment and determine volumes? Asian markets? The U.S. DOE? Environmental regulations?

  3. What volume of exports is in the “public interest” as defined by the U.S. DOE?  What volume will most effectively raise employment, optimize the balance of trade, and improve the environment without adversely affecting energy security?

  4. What impact will rising construction demand have on project costs? Is North America at risk of Australia-like project-cost inflation?

  5. Will North American export plants join the race for growing domestic natural gas motor-fuel markets? If so, how?

  6. What roles will Alaska, Mexico and floating liquefaction play?

  7. Will America again build massive infrastructure only to see LNG market dynamics shift?

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