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November 20-21, 2014

Program Objectives

Program coming soon. Confirmed speakers include:


  • Michael S. Smith, chairman and CEO, Freeport LNG
  • Martin Houston, chief operating officer and executive director, BG Group
  • Barry Smitherman, chairman, Texas Railroad Commission
  • Jamie Welch, CFO, Energy Transfer
  • Keith Meyer, chairman and CEO, LNG Central
  • Mike Juden, senior practice expert, natural gas, McKinsey & Company
  • Sherman E. Bryant, CEO, Cambridge Energy
  • Martin Hruska, director, Excelerate
  • Charles Ebinger, senior fellow and director, Energy Security Initiative, Brookings Institution
  • David Montgomery, senior vice president, NERA
  • Bob Broxson, vice president, Charles River Associates
  • Tom Choi, gas market lead, Deloitte
  • Rich Foley, branch chief, LNG program manager, FERC
  • Keith Bainbridge, founder, CS LNG
  • Bob Nussmeier, director, Kiewit


Program Objectives:

  • Consider world demand for LNG by 2025 and the capabilities of competing regions (e.g., Australasia, E. Africa, the Middle East, the Arctic and North America, to supply the demand.
  • Compare Canadian and U.S. West Coast, including Alaska, Gulf Coast and East Coast economics to competing regions to ascertain North American competitiveness.
  • Consider alternative supplies of natural gas via pipeline and shale gas production to assess long-term market demand in East and South Asia, Europe, and South America.
  • Review approved, under construction LNG export projects in North America and their timing.
  • Compare LNG export demand to North American gas production and discuss U.S. and Canadian price elasticity.
  • Consider Mexico's role in North American LNG exports in light of NAFTA and its increasing U.S. pipeline access.
  • Learn from project developers the potential for offshore and small-scale LNG exports.
  • Consider how export projects might accelerate LNG fuel useby North American heavy-duty transportation markets.
  • In light of increased demand for engineering and construction talent and key equipment, consider project cost inflation.

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